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Is the Mercedes CLK DTM AMG one of the most Underrated Cars ever??
  • Oh yes!
  • I don't care🤷‍♂️......
  • Nope.

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  • They’re going for big money now though. People are waking up to what it is.

      20 days ago
  • It’s fairly underrated but it’s becoming popular

      20 days ago
  • That is beautiful.

      17 days ago
  • Always been one of my favourite Mercs of all time. Still what the black series wants to be (C class black series that is)

      19 days ago
  • Why yes, yes it is. Always really dug these cars. The DTM during this time produced some amazing vehicles and this was the cream of the crop. Not sure the design is aging well but it's still going down as a classic.

      20 days ago
    • Design isn't aging,c'mon......

        20 days ago
    • Awwww, COME ON. Ok ok. I said NOT SURE it is aging well. I dig it. You dig it. Not everyone digs it. People are waking up and starting to dig it. But that doesn't mean in 20 years we will have the same feelings about the shape. Only time will tell. so...

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        20 days ago


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