Is the mx5 actually that good?

16w ago


Whether you are a jdm fanboy, a modification enthusiast or a hairdresser you probably love the Mazda mx5. But is this notorious convertible as good as its reputation?

If looks could kill the mx5’s would probably just graze, it looks good but friendly and calm. The grille looks like a huge grin as if It has just won the lottery unlike its owner who would have bought a more expensive car most likely. That is what makes it great though it has the best bang for your buck fun that any car can offer on a twisty mountain road.

The engine while not very powerful is very responsive and loves to be pushed to its limits, the gearbox is snappy and rewarding with every shift and the brakes stop you in plenty of time without tearing your eyes out their sockets with force. The place the mx5 has and always will shine is its handling, its responsive and as sharp as a swift chop, perfectly weighted and you can slide the back end out with ease as well if that’s what takes your fancy.

If modding your car is your thing then the mx5 is perfect. There is a range of visual mods that is second to none. There are so many performance parts that your car will be truly unique in every way.

Jdm fanboys adore this thing as well, being Japanese definitely helps but the afore mentioned customisation also boosts the mx5’s popularity.

Sadly there is a lot of negativity towards the little Mazda but unless you are looking for a luxury car, a 4 x4 or are over 6 ft tall this car has everything you could ever hope for.