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Is the Peugeot 107 an ideal first car?

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I have heavily slated modern Peugeots in the past for being uncomfortable, underpowered and an ergonomic nightmare. In fact, I distinctly remember comparing the new 2008 to Auschwitz so I am hoping this car isn't the same scenario. Actually I think I have found one which I can actually bond with...a little.

I took this fun little hatchback out for a two hour drive around the North Yorkshire countryside and was pleasantly surprised by its raspy little exhaust note. At least I think the exhaust is still there. This '08 Peugeot 107 has done just over 70,000 miles and seems to be a perfect little runabout.

You should bare in mind that I haven't been able to drive for about six months due to a knee injury which still isn't full healed but didn't stop me from taking this for a spin. The gearbox had a relatively short throw but was a little clunky under pressure. The clutch itself was a little heavy which took my poorly left knee a while to adapt to but overall held up very well (both clutch and knee).

The little determined Peugeot was bags of fun around some rather tight country roads, especially on the straights but I must say it doesn't do hills. When I say it doesn't do hills, I really mean it can't do them. While its little 998cc engine is determined, I am not sure it was quite determined enough to handle the slight inclines that lay ahead of it. I mean it is fine but you really have to give it the beans in second gear to creep up them.

Speaking of its engine. It has, as I mentioned a 998cc engine which produces a measly 68bhp and 70 lb-ft of torque. This is perfect for in-city driving but nowhere near as fun as a 1.3L Ford Ka or Volkswagen Up! on the roads I drove it on.

Inside, the 107 is fairly roomy for its size and offers plenty of legroom for the front passenger. But not so much can be said for those in the back. The headroom for me (I am 6ft 3) is a little cramped but what can you expect from a car which is as about as big as a baby rhino. I am also going to ignore the fact that the boot wouldn't shut unless forced, but not so forced that it smashes the rear glass. That wouldn't be good.

The stereo in this one was alright but then again, I couldn't really tell as only one speaker worked. I guess that's what you can expect after 72,000 harsh miles. This one didn't have aircon but thankfully it was a lovely day here in Yorkshire so that wasn't an issue. I should also point out that the shrek-eared like rev-counter amused me for quite some time.

The seats themselves are actually quite comfy. I think I prefer them to that of the UP! or KA but the gearstick did get in the way when I changed to fifth. Also, the handbrake is the cheapest bit of plastic I have ever seen in a car. I thought I was going to pull it off every single time I used it.


See. It's raspy.

So, is this a car you should consider if you are in the market to purchase your first? Well, I think it is a great choice. It's slow, small and raspy. The perfect combination for a first car I'd say. You can pick these up for anywhere between £1,000 and £3,000 for a good one with low miles.

They are very cheap to insure and I also think they look rather smart, especially in grey. They come in a three-door (like this one) or a five-door. It's up to you which one you get but the three-door will be inherently quicker, but not by much.

Is this a car you would consider

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