Is the Peugeot 205 GTI the Best hot hatch ever ?

The french hot hatch have been elected as the best ever. i drive the car to know why.

4y ago

Our test car is a 115hp Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6. Jean-Michel’s car is a beautiful car from 1989. It’s in mint condition, full stuck, no rust.

The body shape is quite classic, but the Peugeot 205 GTI is really not a usual 205. Wheels are specifics, and they look quite nice. The exterior mirrors are also specific, smaller than for the other 205.

Arch extensions could appears “too much” on some cars, but on a Peugeot 205 GTI they are pretty sober. In a dark plastic, combined with graphite grey, they strengthen the presence of the car. The red line is a nice detail. In the end, the badges confirm it, if ever you had a doubt, that we are with a 1.6 liter.

The interior is also perfectly preserved. This is different of some hot hatches of the 80’s with their cracked dashboard. Carpets and saddlery are just perfect. The steering wheel is an accessory from the catalog, a Luisi from Italy.
Four people can travel aboard without any problem. We are not in a sports car, but in a hot hatch, it makes a huge difference.

The engine takes a lot of place under the hood. Electronic is at its beginning and lets place to work on the mechanics.

Driving the Peugeot 205 GTI

First impression, the clutch is hard, but it’s brand new! The car answers well at any solicitation. In town, you can drive the fourth gear. Jean-Michel doesn’t hesitate to drive in 5th!

The gear shift is quite good, but with that new clutch, I miss my shifts in 3rd and 4th a few times before getting used to it. The steering feels quite heavy at low speeds. However, the small wheel (I am used to larger ones) allows you to guide the car quite accurately.

Let’s get out of town, to push it a little. I am quite cautious, since the road is wet. Nonetheless, I don’t hesitate to accelerate. The car answers quite quickly and revs quite fast. Power is stilla available and I enjoy staying over 3,000 rpm.

In the corners, it’s terrific! Its lightweight allows it to turn really quick. Even with the wet tarmac, the speed is a few mph quicker than what I do with my “regular” car.

The passenger compartment is quite roomy. The sun finally showing up, the sliding roof makes it feel more spacious. Even when it is open you can have a talking without raising your voice. The engine is not intrusive either.

To sum up, it’s a lovely car. If you want to have fun durinjg the weekend, it’s made for you. And you can go fetch your children at school as well!

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