- The Two-Tone GTi paint looks incredible day or night..

Is the Peugeot 308 GTi the ultimate alternative hot-hatch?

Spending a week with the all-new 308 GTi, I get to test what is really important. From economy, to comfort - via performance and noise.

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Peugeot have a history of amazing 'hot-hatches', from the original 205 GTi all the way until the more recent 206 GTi (to some of us). However, of recent years their hot-hatch contributions have felt (for me) slightly watered down. Almost luke-warm hatches. That is, of course, until I drove the 308 GTi.

Watch the video, you know you want to..

With 270bhp going through the front wheels via a turbo-charged 1.6 litre petrol engine, the power delivery is brutal and generally fun. While occasionally feeling almost savage, it's an entirely usable power.

On the inside, it's a refined and quiet place. Comfortable, with good technology. On longer journeys the driving position is comfortable with great all round visuals, however not in sport mode the car lacks some driver feeling and has a slightly sloppy response. Fuel economy wise, while it doesn't achieve the written consumption - it does well, averaging between 35mpg and 44mpg combined.

Rareness? There aren't quite as many of these about as you'd think. You're more likely to bump into around 10-15 Golf GTI's before you find one of these on the road.

The car looks great anywhere, especially on a random beach in Hampshire..

The car looks great anywhere, especially on a random beach in Hampshire..

Overall the build quality is great, aesthetically it looks menacing, driving wise it performs extremely well (however not quite as up-there as the Golf GTI is for me all round) and cost wise it's competitive - extremely competitive. Prices start just below £29k on the road, but with a few options you're looking at around £32k.

Managed to read this far? Let me know what you think of the video + writeup, would really appreciate the comments. This is the last film on my old-rig, new ones won't have ANY shake. Promise.

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