- CGT or 918?

Is the Porsche 918 Spyder STILL the Hypercar KING? | REVIEW

1y ago


The Porsche 918 Spyder introduced futuristic technology levels when it landed, but is it still the hypercar king, or is this game moving on now? Jumping behind the wheel with @the23collection in his stunning 918 Spyder, let's enjoy it top down and find out...!

Starting from @the23collection's garage, a fabulous private storage for his car collection with artworks surrounding the covered cars, we placed the 918 Spyder alongside it's predecessor from Porsche, the bright yellow Carrera GT. Interestingly for me, taking a look at the two cars reveals a crazy number of similarities between them.

Then it's time to take the roof off, and go for a drive to experience the 918 Spyder top-down by night in Abu Dhabi, and what a car it is!

A huge thanks goes to @the23collection - www.instagram.com/the23collection

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