Is The Porsche GT4 a Bargain?

Here's why the Porsche Cayman GT4 is actually not a bad buy!

2y ago

So, you find yourself with a spare £80,000 and you fancy a sports car. So you go and get a new 911 Carrera right? Wrong! This is when you should get a Cayman GT4. I didn't understand what all the hype was about until I was on a Porsche owners club drive and got to see one in action. When I came back, the first thing I did was see how much these were going for on Autotrader UK and to my surprise, they were selling from £77k-£86k. Obviously this is still around £20,000 more expensive than the Cayman 718 GTS but the GT4 is raw, that's what makes it special.

This GT4 is currently for sale at Redline Specialist Cars in Harrogate and it is a prime example of what i'm talking about. This costs £79,995

But apart from the looks which Porsche have nailed, is that it has the all important Porsche 6-speed manual gearbox which is the part which makes the GT4 different from a GT3. Yes, a GT3 is a cracking car and will do you wonders around a track but there's just something about a manual which makes that experience that little bit more involved and enjoyable. When I was talking to the owner of a GT4 he was telling me that the GT4 held a track record at his local circuit for a very long time, beating GT3's and GT3RS's. I find this amazing.

The above is the GT4 I had the honour to drive with yesterday. A stunning example

If you take a look at the base model 911 Carrera it comes in at £77,891 and a GT3 (which isn't far off a GT4 in terms of capability) costs £111,802. Yes, it is quicker and more modern but for under £80k you can have a GT4. Sadly, this was a very popular car to flip when it came out in 2015/16. Now, it is quite the buy. £80,000 is still a lot of money but when you think about what you get for it, it's definitely worth it. I am really looking forward to the next generation of GT4 coming to the 718 range.

Here are some spy shots of the 718 GT4 which will hopefully be announced soon!

What do you think of the new GT4?

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Comments (6)

  • Yep, it is a cheap price!

      2 years ago
  • Conclusion if you have the dime. Buy it! You'll love it!

      2 years ago
  • Nice

      2 years ago
  • Price does seem ‘reasonable’ as press (and sadly, speculators) really loved the car. I will always prefer 4 seats but as you say all GT cars are 2 seaters GT4 makes sense and that black example is stunning

      2 years ago
  • I want one

      2 years ago