Analysing the video from the 331 mph record run of the SSC a few important details don't link up, creating a whole lot of questions for the reality!

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A week ago on the 19th of October the official statment and video came up on the world regarding the SSC Tuatara breaking the speed world record for a production vehicle. That day the whole internet came down as SSC dethroned companies like Bugatti and Koenigsegg that were for almost two decades the two competitors when it comes to this record. The SSC Tuatara broke that record not by few miles but for a solid 40 mph more than the Koenigsegg Agera RS that was the record holder with an average two way speed of 277 mph instead of the 316,11 mph of the Tuatara. If we go back in time that record each an every time it was breaking it would be only by a few miles and not by a big margin.

SHMEE150 uploaded a very informative regarding his thoughts and doubts about if SSC really broke the record or not. His points are very correct and are based on maths that everybody can do. That specific video will be linked below for you to go and see SHMEE's points and think a bit more about it. By the time that i watched that video i had no doubts about the legitness of the record until i watched that video and i started wondering like shmee and that video created to me a lot of questions.


I want to say that i have nothing against SSC and i am not doubting their work as the Tuatara is beautiful hypercar and it definitely is one of the best out there. Also i would love if the record is legit as the competition would rise among those automotive brands that are competing for that record. Also i want to congratulate the driver Oliver Webb for taking the challenge of driving this car in speeds that only a few have driven but also the whole SSC team that managed to take the challenge and create a car with this amount of performance but in the same time it lokks that good!

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  • First of all - great to write about the doubts regarding bold claims as it is very hard to break records and records are very important to the manufacturers but also for potential buyers. If buyers pull out of Bugatti and Koenigsegg purchases because of false claims I am sure there would be serious court cases. Fake news and false marketing could make or break manufacturers.

    Second, the SSC Tuatara is not a homologated production car.

    Third, how can you write that it is one of the finest supercars around when it is not on the market yet?

      2 months ago
    • First - Thats not at all how the motor world works ... cars are bought for millions of reasons and almost NEVER because are the fastest ... expecialy when the difference comes after you reached 280mph ... Bugatti its history first of all ,...

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        2 months ago
  • An excellent bit of journalism.

      2 months ago