- 2020 Toyota Supra

    Is The Supra A Great Sports Car?

    I had the keys to the all-new Supra for a week. Here are my thoughts.

    Now we all know that the Supra is just a BMW Z4 in a Toyota body. Toyota resurrected the name and worked with BMW to create a sports car for the people of today who want something fun, exciting, and somewhat new. Now, this article is not going to debate whether the Toyota Supra is just a rebadged Z4 and what not. Most people know my views on that subject. What I want to talk about is if it is just a great sports car. Without further ado, let's find out.

    Exterior Styling

    "...on a strict..."

    Now, I must say I have to take back what I have said about the design of the Supra. In photos, it is not given any justice and I was one of those people who tried comparing it to the previous generation model. Looking at it with an open mind, the Supra is a beautiful car by design and demands to have those in eyesight to stare as it goes by or sits in a parking space. It is curvaceous and slightly edgy. The headlights and taillights remind me of a Sith Inquisitor's eyes in Star Wars Rebels. The rest of the body is like looking at a PlayBoy bunny that isn't on a strict diet.

    Interior Design

    "...except for when..."

    The interior of the Supra is really nice to look at and sit in but that is just about it. The carbon-fiber trim, leather, and stitchwork are nice and the seats are comfortable and offer plenty of support (especially driving for 9 hours) through corners and long distances but the problem is cabin space. What I mean by that is the Supra has great seating space except for when it comes to placement of gadgets and even cupholders, it is a little inconvenient. The only great placement is on the infotainment area with the buttons and switches. As far as trunk space goes, the Supra is good for weekly groceries or big enough for a couple of small suitcases for a quick getaway. Luckily there is a shelf that can be used as well to store some items.

    Pricing and Options

    So, how much does this Supra cost? After everything being added up, the total price comes to just a smudge above $57,000. What does that get a potential owner? Well, for safety the Supra comes with auto-leveling headlights and automatic high beams, a pre-collision system with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning with steering assist, ABS, brake assist, stability, and traction control, dynamic radar cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, rear-cross traffic alert, parking sensors, and emergency braking function. For comfort and convenience, the Supra comes with a full-color heads-up display, 12-speaker JBL audio system, sat-nav, wireless Apple CarPlay compatible, wireless device charging, and Bluetooth connectivity.


    "...is addictive to..."

    The twin-turbocharged inline 6 engine under the hood of the Supra produces a supposed 335 horsepower and 365-foot pounds of torque. Acceleration is stomach in your throat quick. The exhaust note is addictive to hear. Crazy enough with my driving habits, I was able to achieve 28 miles per gallon average on a 1,600-mile trip all around. The suspension handled beautifully either on the long haul or going into tight corners and bends along a mountain road. And boy can it corner. The braking is superb and doesn't take much effort to press on the pedal either. Steering is sharp, direct, and yet perfectly balanced between light and heavy. To say the least, I did not have a moment where I wasn't smiling.


    "...people shouldn't deny..."

    So, is the Supra a great sports car? In short, yes it is. The Supra is a sports car in all aspects. It performs, sounds, and looks beautiful. Sure, let it be all BMW and German-made, but people shouldn't deny that it is a remarkable machine that does what it was made to do best. My only thing is that I'd buy it over the Z4 for one reason only. It doesn't look like a BMW. The BMW Z4 is, like all BMWs now, a car that doesn't get the double-take back look when it drives past a crowd. That is my stance on it.

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    Comments (31)

    • Honestly I’d rather have an MX5, light, nimble convertible with a manual.. real sports car credentials. And if it’s not enough power, with the extra money, you can add a supercharger.

        1 month ago
    • How can you build a sports car and not offer a manual?? Or at least a DCT.

        1 month ago
    • It’s tiny, impractical, and German. So yes.

        1 month ago
    • I love the new Supra, and am annoyed at the purists and haters who dismiss it. Having said that, and having driven it, a couple of points:

      1) This is not a good looking car. The rear 3/4 in particular is just wrong.

      2) The performance is nice, but that’s all.

      3) A Mustang has a bit of a back seat at least.

      4) More like a muscle car. A Miata is still much more fun to drive, IMO

        1 month ago
    • It’s my favorite non-M BMW

        1 month ago


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