Is the Tesla Model 3 Performance the ultimate sports sedan?

Or is it the BMW M3 CS?

2y ago

I like contributing to global warming. I’d rather a BMW M3 CS.

Oh for Pete’s sake, give the electric car a chance.


Good. Just open up your mind.

I’m struggling to look past the Tesla’s beige styling.

I will concede, that it is not a particularly illustrious piece of automotive design.

The M3 on the other hand, particularly in CS trim, looks fantastic. I know I’ll look back in ten years and wonder why I found it so attractive, but right now, as a testosterone-fuelled young adult male, I have no hesitation in lauding it as the best looking super sedan on sale. Bar none.

That’s a bold statement.

It is. But not as bold, perhaps, as saying that I prefer the futuristic humming noise made by the Tesla compare to the migraine-inducing bellow produced by the BMW…

You are talking rubbish now.

Honestly, I am not.

The electric motors in the Model 3 emit a low-volume, almost vacuum-like sound when accelerating that brings to mind images of an alien spacecraft. The BMW on the other hand sounds for all the world like an untrained child blowing with all their might into a tuba.

I know of Tesla’s ludicrous reputation. The Model 3 Performance will no doubt be a drag-racing monster.

For one reason or another, Tesla’s Hellcat-destroying ‘Ludicrous’ mode is absent from the Model 3 Performance. However, that doesn’t stop the Model 3 from being able to launch itself to 100km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. It can practically tear a hole in the space time continuum.

According to BMW, the M3 CS takes another 0.4 seconds to achieve the same feat. Pathetic.

There is more to driving than straight-line speed.

I couldn’t agree more. How the car makes you feel whilst sat in traffic is arguably just as important.

While there is a certain novelty to the minimalist interior of the Model 3, I much prefer the more conventional appearance of the BMW’s cockpit. From the Alcantara steering wheel to the hip-hugging bucket seats, there is an inherent passion infused throughout the M3’s interior. I suspect the feeling of excitement one gets when sitting in a new performance car would wear off far earlier into ownership with the Tesla than with the BMW.

Which is the better performance sedan?

The Tesla is the better daily driver. Let’s get that out of the way.

For the most part, it’s refreshing, relaxing and dare-I-say-it, sensible. However, when the time comes to muster all 340 of its finest killer wasps, it’s also supercar-embarrassingly fast.

The BMW does not possess the same bandwidth.

Sure, it can be driven sedately, but it is a far more overt vehicle. It looks like it wants to eat children, shouts like a madman and reeks of adrenaline.

So your answer is?

It depends.

Sometimes I hate you.

Hear me out.

If you are after a car to spike your heart-rate, a car that will make you dribble with excitement, then take the M3. It’s the more driver-oriented device of the two. If you want a car to drive every day, one that is capable of moving under the radar, but one that is also capable of humbling more exotic machinery, then take the Tesla.

Me? Well, I’m mad, so I’d rather have both a Ford Fiesta ST AND a used BMW 1M for less than either. And yes, I realise that isn’t the answer you asked for.

Which would you have? Comment below!

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Comments (52)

  • look, I'm a huge, huge Tesla fan but even I would definitely reply to the question in the title with a firm "No. It absolutely isn't."

      2 years ago
    • In that case, what would you say IS the ultimate performance sedan?

        2 years ago
    • I'm looking forward to driving the AMG GT63S but until then, Kia Stinger S, because of its performance-price-quality balance. And I'll never get over the Maserati Quattroporte V because it looks amazing and sounds like a dream.

        2 years ago
  • Thanks for the comparison of sorts! Cost may be another factor for some, whether it’s charging vs petro. I’ve been lucky enough to have and compare both (non CS BMW M3) for a short time, before the BMW found a new home. Please share any feedback and consider subscribing to my


      2 years ago
  • The Bmw definitively if you're a carguy and like being noticed & , the model 3 if even the bubbles of Coke cola irritate your stomach but love Technology to death

      2 years ago
  • I think the M3 CS looks cool. Like the kind of car you would want to own when you were 10, with all sorts of vents, four exhaust pipes and a wicked paint job.

      2 years ago
  • Tuba car. I sometimes forget to plug in my phone - or drain it’s battery. But it’s been over forty years since I’ve drained a tank of gas.

      2 years ago
    • Let me get this straight... You're going with the BMW simply because you sometimes struggle to remember to charge your phone and hence may forget to charge the Tesla if you had one?

        2 years ago