Is The Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Worth The Price?

It's invincible, but should you buy this or another Taco for your money?

1y ago

I seem to remember 3 gentleman of the automotive persuasion trying to savagely murder a Toyota Hilux many years ago. While this is not the Hilux, Toyota Trucks do have a penchant for being extremely reliable.

The Toyota Tacoma is legendary for it's durability and reliability here in the US. You can tell that they have both of these traits because of the resale values. They sell these things for WELL above market value on the used marked.

So we got one to review on Shifting Lanes for a week. Hansen got the honor of sitting behind the wheel of this Tacoma TRD Pro for 7 full days and got to answer the question, "is it worth it?"

You can watch the video above to the answer, but in short it's a bit of a complicated question. The Tacoma range offers a lot, you may find several that you like. Rest assured, if you do buy this truck, it'll hold it value better than basically anything else.


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Comments (4)

  • Toyota doesn't offer something special it would be hard to decide to buy it. At least engine possiblity Diesel or Hybrid stuff but neither that only (trd option). But they left it, even i cna say Honda looks better than this one if you look front of it everything starts fin from top until middle face after middle like you cut him off left naked poor child with boss tank-top and short pants in middle of winter.

      11 months ago
  • This one seems to divide a lot of people but what people fundamentally misunderstand is... while yes compared to other cars of a similar price, you don’t get a lot on paper, It doesn’t have as many features or a lot of power or get that great fuel economy, but people will pay the price or sometimes even more to get one of these because it is one of the most reliable vehicles on the road, it’s one of the most capable vehicles off the road, they do great in all weather conditions, and might be one of the coolest cars you can buy for under 70 grand. Toyota is not stupid in fact they’re probably the smartest car company, and they don’t need to update this truck because they sell millions of them.

      1 year ago