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The Chevrolet Traverse began its second generation in 2018. In this day and age, it has been made clear that more and more people are buying SUV's and crossovers. We see that in the most recent sales figures of every car company around and on the road. Every one has their preferences to what they like most. But, does the Traverse have what it takes to outshine the competition, or in this case be different from others? Maybe. Let's talk about it.


"...bloated Chevrolet Cruze..."

The Chevrolet Traverse by no means is the best looking SUV on the market. It sort of looks like a really bloated Chevrolet Cruze in the front. But, it does look different from the rest of the competition, which is what manufacturers want. The Traverse design body design does grow on people. It isn't exciting but it is not boring, to put it easily.

Interior Design

"...the closest restaurant...

The interior design is where the Traverse takes off. It is almost welcoming. Sort of like the closest restaurant in a rainstorm. The panels, leather, and trim all give the ambiance of comfort. Not only that, but the seats are the most comfortable feature. So comfortable in fact, that they may be the best seats to ever sit in so far. And this goes for every seat in the Traverse. Then there is the space in the cabin. The Traverse has enough space for families to get around, regardless of size.

Pricing and Options

So, how much does this Chevrolet Traverse cost? Just ever so slightly above $53,000. What does this come with? For safety, it has "Teen Driver," rear park assist, cross traffic alert, lane change alert, blind-spot monitoring, following distance indicator, forward collision alert, enhanced automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, front pedestrian braking, adaptive cruise control, and HD surround vision 360 degree monitor. Also, the U.S. govvernment gave the Traverse a "5-star" Overall score. How about comfort and convenience? The Traverse has Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities, 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot-spot, hideaway storage compartment behind infotainment screen, heated and ventilated powered front seats, heated captains chairs in 2nd row, leather wrap heated steering wheel that is powered to tilt and telescope, wireless device charging, and plenty of USB outlets for the family.


"..much going for it..."

The Traverse doesn't have much going for it when it comes to performance. But that is completely fine. Why? It is a family SUV. It is not meant to be a performer in the speed category. The ride comfort is just as comfortable as the seats. The steering is light and has on point response. Sure, the 3.6L V6 doesn't really have much power to spin the front wheels, it does get decent fuel economy considering the size of the Traverse. I was able to achieve around 20 miles to the gallon with my driving habits in the city. At max, I achieved around 26 miles to the gallon at one point while on a quick weekend getaway.


The Chevrolet Traverse is a remarkable SUV. The most shocking point made earlier is the ride and seat comfort. On the list of best ride comfort and seat comfort, it takes the cake. But does this make it the best SUV for the family? No. What makes it the best is this and how safe it is as well as space. These all are what make up great SUV's. The Traverse deserves to be up there with the best. For a subcategory, it would take the most comfortable to sit in and drive. But, I do have one problem. It is hard to justify a really nice SUV priced it $53,000 when the sunroof shade is the type of shade used for house windows. The cheap kind that is just a low-cost material that is a pain when trying to open or close it. It has a push tab and a hook to make sure it doesn't retract. Come on Chevrolet. At least give it something that can slide back and forth. It is a bit embarrassing to be honest. That is the only complaint.

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