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Is The Tremor Package (Ford Ranger) Worth $4290?
  • Of course! It buys so many options!
  • I don't think so...
  • Of course not!

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  • Being a pickup shouldn’t it come with that as standard?

      1 month ago
    • This is an opportunity to make a bit more cash out of the consumer, BMW tried it with Apple CarPlay and a subscription service (now backtracked).

      I understand options are where manufacturers make most of their cash but it feels like they...

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        1 month ago
  • Most of the off road packages offered on trucks are not necessary simply because most trucks are rarely driven off road nowadays. The standard 4x4 truck is adequate for most people. However I gotta admit the Raptor is an incredible truck and "looks" much better than a regular F150. And the Tremor package offered on the Ranger and F250 is an incredible truck and looks far better than their stock siblings.

    I am in need of another heavy duty truck and have considered the F250 Tremor but I see no need for that level of capability. But I would certainly like to have it.

      19 days ago


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