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Is the true heir to the Supra lineage actually the BMW M2 CS?

Off-brand Adam Sandler breaks down the history of Toyota sports cars and the current BMW-Toyota marriage in the latest episode of Icons.

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Good grief, I can already hear the teeth of JDM fanboys grinding away, keyboards slamming against the desks of twenty-something-year-old internet warriors screaming, "Blasphemy!" Bold claims were uttered in this video, but hear the carmudgeon out. Long-time auto journalist and current Hagerty content creator, Jason Cammisa, may just really be onto something.

The latest episode of Icons, previously featured on ISSMI and now presented by Hagerty, dives deep into a topic that's seemingly not well-explored among gearheads. In its 22-minute run, Cammisa delivers driving impressions on four wildly different yet somehow similar cars, the BMW Z4 M40i, current A90-generation Supra, previous A80-generation Supra, and a BMW M2 CS (with a manual!) as well as answer a few long-discussed questions.

"Why doesn't Toyota build more sports cars? Why use other company's platforms for cars? What's the point of the getting in bed with BMW?"

In a very Arthur Morgan-esque approach, the answer is simple. Toyota is a business clamoring for money! For context, here's a visual representation of Toyota approaching BMW:

As sales rapidly slumped, the expensive Supra models became unacceptably poor earners for the brand which eventually strong-armed them into abandoning that sector of the market. The Lexus LFA was a case of history repeating itself and further evidence against the idea of a profitable Toyota-grown sports car. From this current partnership, Toyota can reenter the market with a greater profit margin, and BMW allegedly gets to yoink some hydrogen EV tech from the Mirai for an X5 variant reportedly due in less than a couple years.

This video may truly answer every question anyone could possibly conceive about this hot topic, and it does so in an engaging, in-depth manner with unbiased takes on four hot pieces of metal. I genuinely mean it when I say some statements had me raise an eyebrow in surprise. This video stands as testament to both Cammisa's ability to entertain while informing and the potential of the revamped Hagerty channel, and I believe internet could afford to swap a few obnoxious vloggers in favor of content like this.

And to think that this piece of glorified car porn was published by an insurance company. What a time to be alive and hiding from college assignments in the depths of YouTube.

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  • I heard current Supra will only live short term because Toyota is coming out with new Supra. It will be based on Lexus LC platform and Powertrain is off of LS500’s V6 twin turbo with AWD. New Supra will be 2+2 touring like A80 and has extensive use of aluminum structure and body panels to reduce weight. Engine is rumored to make around 650HP with new twin clutch transmission. All these makes sense because Toyota has done something like this in past with SC300/400. A80 Supra and SC300 shared chassis and power train and priced under 100k.

    Just kidding but would be nice right? 😂

      1 month ago
    • It would definitely be more like the fast GT car the last-gen Supra was versus the sharp-edged weapon the current model is now. But I like the idea. 😁

        1 month ago
    • Toyota has all the pieces to put a proper Supra together but they don’t make best out of it. They do have LC chassis and V6 TT AWD power train.

        1 month ago
  • Brilliant title in the picture!!

      1 month ago
  • Yes. Honestly I think I am done with foreign cars. Now days domestic cars are pretty good. Soon as domestic manufacturers ditch the stupid chargers and install turbo setup On their V8 motorrrsss I am ready to buy it. I think mustang, camaro etc looks great

      1 month ago
    • Domestic and foreign manufacturers will wring out every last drop of nuance from their cars because that’s their thing. It’s what sets them apart and few cars offer a perfect middle ground outside people like Porsche or maybe even Ferrari....

      Read more
        1 month ago
    • I hope soon and when it happens I think it will hurt foreign sports car sales by big margins.

        1 month ago
  • Money talks, bullshit walks. Toyota is merely capitalizing on outsourcing, maximizing profit margins and minimizing investment costs. Free market capitalism at its best. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      1 month ago
      • 1 month ago
    • I was hoping tuners start making big upgrades for bmw engine since it is in Supra but rather than this I see most big tuners are putting back 40 years old 2jz back in A90. It is stupid idea. Aluminum block vs cast iron. 🤔

        1 month ago
  • The paternity test is botched.

      1 month ago