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Is the Vauxhall VX220 the coolest Vauxhall ever made?
  • Yes it really is!
  • Well there are better ones I guess but it's still good!
  • Not really but it's a nice car nonetheless
  • You having a laugh?! This thing is the worst Vauxhall ever made!!!

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Comments (8)

  • Ever heard of the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton?

      21 days ago
  • The monaro

      21 days ago
  • Lotus carlton and the vxr8

      21 days ago
  • YUP,even Clarkson acknowledges its good in everything,though he hates Vauxhalls

      21 days ago
  • Vauxhall lotus carlton and vauxhall monaro vxr8 are better

      19 days ago