Is the VW California 6.1 camper van better than a supercar?

2w ago


If you won the lottery, you'd probably run out and buy a supercar. Which is fine, so long as you realise it's not the sort of magic memory-creating machine you expect it to be. No, the perfect vehicle for creating lasting memories is the humble camper van. You can pack the family in it and take it on proper adventures together – albeit at a more sedate pace than in a supercar.

And one of the best camper vans on the market is the Volkswagen California 6.1 – the latest version of Volkswagen's factory-built van that sleeps four. I spent three days living in one in the wilds of Nova Scotia, Canada – and made this little video to show you what I thought of it. Apologies for the sound in places – those pesky bears are noisy buggers.

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