Is the VW Golf GTI worth it?

What you thought you knew about the Golf GTI a written review with a video!

2y ago

One jolly thursday morning, I sat around wondering what car to review next. It has to be something cheap and cheerful, because i'm poor and sad. I checked my local car sharing app and up popped a Golf GTI.

I must say, I never really wanted to review Golfs before because to me it would be like reviewing Aids, its everywhere and easy to catch. Ala, I did it. I booked it. And lucky I did!

First Impressions Count

As I sat down into the fat shamingly narrow seats, I wasn't really very surprised by the interior. If you've ever been a passenger in a Golf or any VW product, you will be familiar with it. What took me by surprize though, is the ease of driving this car. The steering is lighter than Kate Moss on a windy day, the gear changes are as effortless! Everything feels sturdy and robust.

I didnt really like it at first, it felt too..."Copy+Paste" it feels mass produced, it feels a bit unfriendly and hostile but is very, almost scarily confidence inspiring! The car itself isn't even that fast but theres something about the way it drives, it makes me feel I had to rotate my cap by 180 degrees and put my foot down everywhere I went.

The Business

Imagine a dog after a bath and how it zooms around, wiping its face on the carpet. That's what the Golf GTI feels like, a dog wiping its face on the carpet. Its loads of fun to drive and my HATE relationship has turned into a love hate relationship with it.

I dont think it deserves all the Hype it gets. An alternative to the Golf is the Renault Megane RS, which is superior in every way and is priced lower than a Golf GTI but actually competes with the Golf R. As with so many companies, the Golfs price is justified because "Its a VW Golf, verdammt nochmals"

Other than that I think its a nifty little machine and if youre psychotic enough to ignore the Perfect in every way, Megane RS and go for something else, then the Golf GTI is just right for you.

As you will see in my video below.

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