Is the VW Golf R Estate any good?

How does the golf 7r estate fare on the road?

4y ago

When you typically have a boring Tuesday, either stuck at work or at home with absolutely nothing to do, one really had to break the habit and try something different. In my case; I wanted to drive something different, something that usually doesn’t get a look-in when you look for interesting cars.

An estate car is an extremely practical car often compromised with a lack of performance, but the game has changed and we are seeing more of these hot-estates and super-estates today. So it will be interesting to find out if the fun has been taken out of this estate, the VW Golf R Estate.

Power is 295bhp with 280ft-lb torque and it’s all delivered via VW’s 4WD and DSG automatic. Looks-wise it’s not going to win awards, but ‘sensible’ seems to be an approprriate word to describe the shape. And I like it – it doesn’t need a huge wing or a ridiculous body kit – it’s supposed to be the Golf R but with added boot space for practicality, an estate. The quad pipes are still present, as is the wrap-around spoiler. In this particular case, half of the packaging is still on the car; They’ve brought the car straight over for me to drive, yet oddly still registered 12 miles on the odometer even before I got in.

The 4WD gives you confidence from the word go giving you good traction everywhere and makes the car extremely nippy, and while the extra boot space makes you think sharp turns will result in kerbing the rear wheels, it doesn’t. It still drives like its original hatchback variant, which is very good news. The boot space has massively increased to the point that it would fit more things than an Audi A4 Avant! So it’s 4WD, 2 litre turbo, has 4 doors, has lots of room and divides opinions. Might as well call it a German Impreza…

Launch control is hilariously simple and effective. God this thing shifts. Trips to timeshare homes would be incredibly fun, wouldn’t even need to stop for fuel as much – that’s, if you believe VW’s 40MPG… It’s superbly comfortable inside, the seating position is adequate and in true VW fashion the car is kitted out pretty well even before you consider the options. There’s plenty of luxury and the exhaust note isn’t draining at all.

But yes it’s a VW, it’s an estate, all those things you’ve heard about the overall drive being dull – they’re wrong. Put it on a track and yes it will be astonishingly quick but perhaps the alleged dull handling may be found there, it’s no Honda Integra in this department, but on the road as a daily? It’s brilliant. I urge you to try one, once you’ve driven it you’ll warm to it and find a little bit inside of you secretly wants one. That is, until you see the price. Probably best lease this out for good measure.

The VW Golf R Estate is a great all rounder, the estate gives you everything for a modern family. Thank you VW for handing me the keys to this :)

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  • Top write up Andy!

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