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Is the VW T-Cross just "a Reworked Polo"?

"Usually, we are not the first in a segment but, when we come, we are the best." - Felix Kaschützke

2y ago

The reason why many individuals claim the new T-Cross is just "a reworked Polo" is because the crossover shares much of its underpinnings with the popular Polo hatchback.

Project manager, Felix Kaschützke, claims that VW was late to the baby-crossover party, however this segment was something VW have done before. He continues to say that even though VW is not first in a segment, when they enter a segment they are the very best. Volkswagen knows how to make incredible small SUVs and give everything in a car that customers expect from Volkswagen.

the T-Cross is more for the family, it’s a functional car.

Andreas Kruger

According to Carmag, the T-Cross seems versatile. The T-Cross's luggage compartment holds between 385 and 455 litres. If the rear seatback are folded down, utility space measures 1 281 litres.

Kaschützke goes on to say that they needed to differentiate the T-Cross from the Polo so customers could see the added benefits. He states that customers aren’t going to buy the car because it’s an small SUV, but because of its versatility, giving the driver a higher driving viewpoint and extra space. Moreover, the new T-Cross could rival the Polo and Golf in the sales charts.

The new Volkswagen T-Cross has been spotted filming in South Africa three weeks after its global reveal.

T-Cross will be positioned below the VW Tiguan and will compete against the Ford EcoSport, Hyundai Creta, Renault Captur and Mazda CX-3.

The T-Cross gets its power from a 1,0 TSI three-cylinder petrol engine, with the flagship model drawing around 140 bhp from a 1,5 TSI four-cylinder engine. Diesel-lovers, meanwhile, receives a 1,6 TDI four-cylinder engine producing around 90 bhp.

What do you think about the new T-Cross? Will it rival the Polo and Golf in the sales charts?


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