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Is the XT4 Really A Cadillac?

I had the keys to this XT4 for a week. Here are my thoughts.

Cadillac has been around for over a hundred years focused mainly on comfort and luxury. The XT4 is brand new for the lineup. So, does it have what it takes to be a Cadillac? Well, we had this XT4 for a week and we were able to find out the answer. Let's take a moment and answer the question below. By the way, we reviewed an XT4 earlier this year. But a week is more insightful than a couple of hours.

Exterior Styling

"...keeps the resemblance..."

The XT4 has all of the right lines of class and elegance from the back-end right up to the headlights. Size wise, it is a bit low and small for a compact SUV. The XT4 is a sort of like a sedan, but raised up a little higher. The styling is everything needed in the category of luxury. Also, that and it keeps the resemblance of the typical design of a Cadillac; edgy and stylish. So, the XT4 is a Cadillac in the form of design, at least on the outside.

Interior Design

"...don't necessarily blend..."

​The interior of the XT4 looks like a Cadillac until sitting inside. The plastic and wood trim don't necessarily blend as well with the leather. Interior space of the XT4 is as expected to be found in the style of a CSUV. But, the problem with it all is that it is cheap feeling. The seats are not as comfortable as one would expect. As for being a Cadillac, the XT4 doesn't feel like what it should be. It is not luxurious feeling nor is the comfort at the level of what Cadillac means. The XT4 is not as prestigious as the name.

Pricing and Options

So, how much does this XT4 cost? The total price comes to $48,685. What does this include? Well, for safety, the XT4 comes with airbags everywhere, lane change alert with blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, front and rear park assist, auto high beam control, following distance indicator, forward collision alert, lane keep assist, and low speed automatic braking with pedestrian alert. For comfort and convenience, the XT4 comes with adaptive remote start, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, powered heated and ventilated front seats with heated rear seats, a heated telescoping steering wheel, sat-nav, hands-free lift gate, and massage control front seats.


"...can be controlled..."

Cadillac is known for performance just as much as luxury. A problem lies here with the XT4. Sure, the drive-train can be controlled between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. But where the XT4 falls short is the ride comfort. Even road noise is louder than needed coming from a manufacturer who is a meaning of the definition of luxury by the world. This here, is not what a Cadillac is; having comfort and being luxurious. Sure, the steering is light and relaxed. But that is just about it. Fuel economy is decent to say the least. The best fuel economy managed in the week of having the XT4 was roughly 21 miles to the gallon combined.


"...too expensive to feel..."

So, to the answer the question if the XT4 really a Cadillac? In our opinion, no it is not. It seems like a really expensive Chevrolet Trax with not much more to offer. The previous article review written may say it liked it but again, time with something helps shed the light more on things. The XT4 should not exist as a Cadillac. It is too expensive to feel that cheap. Plus, there's not much to offer to the masses against the rest of the competition. Unless Cadillac fixes the XT4's problems or price, it should not be much of a success. We just hope the XT4 is redeemed.

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