Is the Yandex self-driving cab the future of taxis?

YouTuber, Marques Brownlee was invited by Russian tech company, Yandex to take a ride around Las Vegas in the backseat of a fully-autonomous taxi. Using a Toyota Prius that's kitted out with a combination of Radar, Lidar, six cameras and specialist navigation systems, the Yandex Taxi proves its worth as it drives through the busy city as part of CES 2019 demonstrations.

Watch the Yandex Taxi in action here:

The Yandex Taxi has been tried and proven with well over 100 successful rides tested in the freezing temperatures of Russia. The company plans to launch hundreds of autonomous vehicles across Russia in the next few years and there's even talks of full services beginning in Europe and the United States soon after. The firm currently operates a limited number of driverless taxis that have an engineer sat in the front passenger seat to hit the big red kill-switch if needs be.

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