I​s this 1000-Horsepower Mustang the best deal in history?

This Ford Dealer Will Sell You a 1000-HP Mustang for just $54,995

1y ago

I​f you're looking for an all-American sports car, you can do a whole lot worse than the Ford Mustang. With prices staring at just $26,000 for the 310 HP eco-boost model, and a pretty hefty $70,000 for the Shelby GT500 with a simply berserk 760 HP. T​he Ford Mustang has always been an amazing sports-car bargain, with insane power and more recently good handling for not too much money.

However, if you are willing to pay just a little bit more money one Ford dealer will be more than happy to get your Mustang up to just over 1000 HP at the crank. The now world-famous Lebanon Ford are well known for selling insane aftermarket upgrades to a variety of Mustang models.

H​owever, this one certainly takes the cake. Because for just $54,995 the Ohio-based Ford dealer will install a myriad of upgrades, all of which combined will get your Mustang up to an eye-watering 1000 HP, a number which will embarrass nearly every hypercar on the road today.

T​hese upgrades include your choice of either a Whipple 3.0 Gen 5 supercharger or a D1X Procharger kit, an ECU tine, and the level 1 performance pack. Although it will run on 93-octane gasoline, you'll need to fill it with E85 to get that headline-grabbing 1000 HP, running on 93-octane will get you a measly 800 HP so make sure you have access to E85.

H​owever, this does come with one big caveat, there's no warranty. Because while your standard 5.0 liter V8 Mustang comes with a factory warranty Labnon Ford don't provide one on your 1000 HP Mustang. Which when you stop and think about it makes a whole lot of sense, they are essentially hand-building a 1000 HP muscle car. And don't forget it is based on a car which was only ever designed to go up to 760 HP.

T​hat being said this car does appear to be quite a good value. Because at $90,000 it is far cheaper than any comparable muscle car, let alone a hypercar.


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Comments (10)

  • I think I’ll take a standard GT500, 760hp is plenty

      1 year ago
  • 1000HP for 54k. If that doesn't scream 'Murica, I don't know what does.

      1 year ago
    • ... with no warranty as the maker is pretty sure it'll explode. Yup. That's 'Murica alright.

        1 year ago
  • I would buy the mustang Shelby gt supersnake that has 850 horsepower

      1 year ago
  • The lede image is the Shelby 1000 (which is over $200k). As you mention, it's just a tune that Lebanon Ford is selling.

      1 year ago
  • Seriously? What’s the point? It’ll just turn the extra power into smoke. 😂 It’ll barely be any faster in the real world.

      1 year ago