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Is this 5,700-mile all-original Supra enough to tempt you to 2JZ life?

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Toyota recently announced the return of the Supra after nearly two decades of hurt. As you’d expect with these things, the arrival of a new model rekindles interest in the classic versions which translates to ‘the price will go up.’

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This mint 1994 example is one such classic example that piqued all of that interest. One slight difference in this car though is that it has led a very sheltered existence in the near quarter of a century since it rolled off the production line.

According to the seller, the pristine white paint is all-original having never seen a paint shop with zero recorded accidents and a clean Tennessee title to its credit.

Everything is present and correct from the rear wing to the original 17-inch five-spoke wheels, and of course that all important 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged 2JZ straight-six motor, which is entirely stock.

So, what we have here is one of the few unmolested (read as not ruined) original Supra’s that has only been driven 5,664 miles since new having lived its life as part of a private collection.

As always with such perfection comes a bit of a heartbreaker. And in the case of this Supra, it’s the method by which the power makes it to those back wheels, via a four-speed auto slushbox.

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Think of it like displaying several hundred-year-old priceless Samurai armour with a pair of modern running shoes and you get the picture.

Either way, with four days to go the bidding sits at $61,000, which can only make you think that if this car were a manual, it would be much higher.

The listing for this Supra can be found on Bring a Trailer here.

What are your thoughts on this pristine Supra? Worth the cash? Or pass due to the slushbox? Let us know in the comments.

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