Is this 90s BMW M3 'DTM Edition' worth £70,000?

2w ago


This self-acclaimed BMW M3 'DTM Edition' is a one of a kind.

This car started life as an M3 before a father and daughter project took place in Germany to convert it into a 'DTM Edition'.

They were both huge fans of the Nürburging 24 hour race, hence the name (DTM standing for 'Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters').

This car is currently listed for sale on Classic Driver for an astonishing £71,309 ($90,000). At first, this may sound like a lot for an old BMW but when you see what they have done to the car, you might understand.

We'll start by listing all the extensive modifications which were made to the car. This M3 has a roll cage, suspension struts and braces, a Sport EVO carbon fibre rear wing, a carbon fibre front splitter, carbon fibre wing mirrors, BBS racing wheels (in yellow), a sports exhaust, a racing exhaust manifold and a new engine. It is safe to say there is an absolute shed load of carbon on this car.

The carbon fibre theme continues inside too, as it has a full carbon fibre cockpit, carbon fibre racing seats and detachable racing steering wheel. This is a true race car for the road.

I can't think of many other cars I would like to drive around the Nürburgring that would look, sound and feel as good as this would.

You can tell this car has only just been finished, too. It has 101,880 km (63,306) on the clock but that isn't on the new engine. The new 2.3L four cylinder engine (192 hp) has just 2,000km (1,242) which means it isn't even run in yet. Someone needs to buy and drive this piece of beautiful German engineering as soon as possible. Will it be you?

Would you drop £70k on this BMW?