Is This A Recipe For The Greatest Racing Series Ever? 

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I have proclaimed in the past that I am not particularly fond of motorsport – which around these parts is as brave as admitting alcoholism in Saudi Arabia. But while there may be nothing in the established motorsport calendar that tickles my taste buds, there is one form of racing that I would welcome with open arms: a race between unmodified, unmolested production cars.

Even though my knowledge of motorsports only stretches about as far as my interest in it, I am aware of some racing series' out there that are dedicated to production cars. However, with the majority of them, there are a number of important caveats.

Due to the fact that racing is a tightly governed affair that's designed to be as fair as possible, you either have a racing series dedicated to just one type of car, or you have performance categories for a variety of cars that are similarly fast. In pretty much all of these events however, the production cars have been breathed on with several modifications to help them on track – such as a roll cage, and racing tyres, or even improved suspension and brakes.

Personally, I think a much more interesting racing series would be for sports, super, and hypercars to race as they are when they drive out of the showroom. Couple of problems with that, like insurance for instance, that may well have the potential to make a Sheik shake. And more often than not many manufacturers are often too chickenshit to stick their masterpieces in a situation where they may be upstaged. But in an ideal world, if all the automotive stars aligned in such a magical way they appeared to depict the Great Bear playing the Big Dipper like a guitar, then wouldn't such an event be wonderful?

Such things have happened before, thanks to the Japanese Super Battles. The one you'll find in the video below contains a race between a Honda NSX, Nissan Skyline R33, Toyota Supra, Ferrari 355, Porsche 911, and most impressively of all, a McLaren F1!!

It's the McLaren that intensifies all excitement for the race, as it was the fastest car in the world at the time. Unfortunately however, McLaren would only allow the driver to race it if he gave them something that was incredibly valuable to him as collateral. And given the way he was driving, I can only presume that the precious item(s) was his balls! Not that I'd have done any better with one of the twitchiest cars ever made, and a damp track cluttered with other exotica.

Once upon a time, Top Gear once filmed something similar – with the cars racing only having been fuelled with 1 gallon of petrol. It was a battle between the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, a McLaren Mercedes SLR, an Aston Martin DBS, a Ferrari 599, and an Audi R8. Even though the field filtered out as the cars ran out of juice one-by-one, it was still an absolutely marvelous sight – not to mention sound. If only such a thing could happen now – with the luxury of more fuel.

Why would production car racing be a good idea? Because it presents a form of motorsport that is easy to relate to; because it shows Top Trumps in action; and because occasionally, it will disprove the logic of statistics.

Now I'd like to know: what production cars would you like to stick on the same track at the same time to battle it out? Let me know in the comments.

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