Is this EV trying to tell you something?

13w ago


I think it's telling me to go lease some batteries? And go lease a spanner? And the blue planet is a bit scary?

Hope Elon has more luck driving to Mars. You don't want to leave your car door open then get sucked out.


I am in danger, send for the EV driver manager, wait I am the driver manger.

Don't play with your EV battery terminals. No hammer bashing or poking.

Last century, if you ran out of fossil fuel your motor mildly rolled to a standstill. There was not a 'run away' flashing friggin' icon display on the dash. So now you need to don a pair of wellington boots, insulate yourself, wrap your head in a rubber mask made of cling film.

Always carry a pair of EV Marigolds. Your EV is having an electrical breakdown, maybe it's going to torch itself? EV's seem to be a bit mental and you are in danger like never before, apparently.

That will be those 500 high volts! Basically you are riding around on death row because you stupidly purchased EV, driving your family in what is The Electric Chair for god's sake!


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