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Is This F40 Tribute Exactly What A Future F40 Model Should Look Like?

4w ago


By Phil Bradley

The Ferrari F40 was arguably one of the greatest Ferraris ever built. One of the last models to be signed off by Mr. Enzo Ferrari himself, the F40 has received praised from lots of different motoring journalists and petrolheads alike.

Now, a designer and petrolhead has created a Ferrari F40 tribute. The renders show a more modern design, with styling almost similar to the LaFerrari and the five spoke rims are also a tribute to the rims on the original F40. The exhaust is interesting, in a vertical format with three exits.

F40 or F40 Tribute? - Image by Samir Sadikhov

Sadly, this is just a design for now, but if any coachbuilders out there want to create this, then i'm sure the designer would welcome it! What do you think of the tribute to the F40?

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Comments (11)
  • I love it. I think it would make an excellent future Ferrari.

    16 days ago
  • This just shows that no matter how good a design is, you still can't beat the looks of an F40.

    27 days ago
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    • Indeed, lately concept cars all seem to need big hips en extra body lines that lead nowhere. Also every enthousiast draws wheels that can impossibly be installed on the real car. In...

      Read more
      27 days ago
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