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Is This Ferrari's All Electric Supercar?

48w ago


By Nitish Deshpande

Automobili Ardent have managed to source a video of what looks like an all electric supercar from Ferrari. The clip was filmed from the infamous fence outside the Fiorano circuit in Maranello where the car in question can be seen moving around without making any kind of sound!

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Video Credit: Automobili Ardent

The body shell seems to be of a 488 however we are not sure of what is brewing underneath. It could be a KERS system which allows it to be driven in electric mode when driven very slowly like LaFerrari. The LaFerrari was never announced to have an all electric mode but there have been clips of it being driven around in electric mode. It was later found out that it has the ability to drive in e-mode when being cruised around under 5mph. Could this new car have an upgraded KERS system which allows it to be driven at higher speeds? Or is this a completely new electric supercar?

Could the 488 get an all electric drivetrain?

At this point, we have nothing more than speculations so stay tuned for more on this news. Let us know what you think. Are we ready to see an all electric Ferrari?