- ASTON MARTIN VANTAGE Picture credits to all images: TheDrive

Is this James Bond's new car?

1y ago


The last Bond movie saw an Aston Martin DB10 chased by a Jaguar and then get plunged into the river. It was a good chase and I liked the cars, mostly the DB10 I liked one thing about the DB10 - It looked futuristic. Its successor the DB11 is a beautiful car. Shame Jeremy Clarkson drove a brown one. But now the DB11 is now of the past, because the new Aston Martin Vantage is ‘Glorious’…Why?…look at it!.

With inspiration from the DB10 and 11 the Vantage has been given a new look and new heart. The DB11 had already seen some of the additions from the deal between Aston Martin and Mercedes. The Vantage however sees a lot more. But, before we get into that lets admire the body of the car. its a deal done with the devil to say the least. Aston uses the familiar base of the old Vantage and gives it a James Bond DB10 look making it the best angry-handsome car Aston has launched yet. It looks like it is hunting its prey like a shark. I recon if one gives it a tux it would look as good as the yellow or green, some say its lime (no clue what that colour is but its great). Not only does it have a new face and an aggressive one but also new tail - a much sportier one. Its look is so much more aerodynamic and the tail seems like it will keep it to the ground. Aston have claimed the car to be 100 millimetres shorter on the wheelbase and lighter than the DB11 by slightly lesser than 200 kilos making it more fun and agile and easier to control. Max Vestappen killed a few tires in his test of the car.


However under the hood is a V8 like its predecessor. This version shows more of the deal between aston and Merc. The V8 is a 4.0 Litre AMG-sourced twin turbo with a power output of 500 horsepower and 685 Newton Meter of torque and from the sound of that its enough to get any person driving the car from A-B fast enough. This is attached to a 8 speed ZF automatic transaxle - a very complex and very good transmission. There is a 7 speed manual transmission variant to be launched in the future. The cockpit is more cozy, the car is smaller. With it being an Aston Martin we know the interior is going to be gorgeous and will possibly see a lot more of Merc’s electronics. This entirety will cost as much as a Porsche 911 Carrera GTS. At least Porsche owners cant say “why didn’t you buy a Porsche instead?”

All in all the car is smaller, angrier, more fun and gorgeous. Hopefully in the coming James Bond movie we see the car not get plunged into the river and hunt the baddies in. It is better, faster and handsome enough to be a Bond car.