Is this Monaco track replica the perfect Christmas present?

Imagine trying to set this up in your living room on Christmas day.

1y ago

For motoring fanatics, slot car racing toys such as Scalextric is an ideal Christmas present. The models always look absolutely fantastic and the tracks are as simple to put together as bread and butter.

Typically, slot car sets have only had a few different types of corners making it rather difficult to create new circuits and even more complicated to replicate real world tracks with tight sections. With that in mind, Frenchman David Caille has spent the past seventeen years or so making more intricate slot car tracks.

Thanks to his own ‘Best Lane Slot Track’ design, Caille is able to rewrite the rules of slot car tracks. In fact, with this new design, more than one car can use a single lane. The new setup also allows for much tighter tracks which has allowed him to recreate the Monaco street circuit surprisingly accurately.

Once more, the cars have the ability to constantly swap lanes giving themselves the perfect racing line. According to the track’s creator, if two cars get close, they will automatically go side-by-side and stay in their own lanes until a pass has been completed.

The fun of a slot car set is that one has to be extremely careful with the power trigger as with a touch too much speed, the model racecar will fly off the track, spin under the sofa never to be seen again. That is until you move house and inevitably tread on the sharpest part of the car whilst moving whatever its been hiding under.

Unfortunately, that necessary finesse isn’t something that you’ll be needing with this set. In fact, the track is more of a showcase as the lanes are constantly live. This means, electricity is always being sent through the track making the cars move and controllers aren’t needed.

In my mind, this means it isn’t a true slot car toy. It’s a simple display that shops could use to hype up the most basic Scalextric set they have for sale. If that description matches you, you may be interested in getting a replica of the Green Hell for your shop window. Whatever track your looking for, Sillage Racing can create any circuit tailored to your needs.

Treat yourself to a slot car track this Christmas

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Comments (11)

  • The author hasn’t understood how this system works. Sillage Racing’s BLST is a very clever system that uses digital technology to switch the cars automatically from lane to lane when they get close, to allow overtaking. Of course the track is constantly live - otherwise the cars wouldn’t go - and of course you need controllers, one for each car rather than one for each lane.

    BTW - ‘Green Hell’ is the Nurburgring in Germany, not Monaco. Now, that would be a slot car track to see at 14 miles a lap!

      1 year ago
  • I would want a replica of La Sarthe... The Mulsanne will be awesome to drive with these toy models XD

      1 year ago
    • Mulsanne with no chicanes and a picture of the 919, 917, 962, 956, and 911 GT1 should be a pretty good wallpaper

        1 year ago
  • “The Green Hell” is The Nürburgring....... but then the author has only ever driven a Renault Twingo so his lacking of knowledge is understandable!!!

      1 year ago
  • Would love to see in-car video of this layout!

      1 year ago
  • This is Awesome!

    Let's get a Spa one!

      1 year ago