Is this rare Audi RS2 Avant the coolest four-wheel-drive online purchase?

Well, it shares its wheels with the Porsche 959 supercar

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Practicality and performance. Usually, buying new cars means there’s a bit of a trade-off between the two. Unless one is talking about the Audi RS6 Avant. But not everybody can afford the current-gen performance estate wagon which retails over the $100,000 mark. So, would you call it a bargain if somebody snapped up its grandfather - the RS2 Avant for $61,000?

This car got sold in an online Bring A Trailer auction. The seller of this specific model imported the car to Canada in 2011. Since then, he managed to add 9,000kms of its indicated 113,000kms on the odometer. This example comes finished in Nogaro Blue exterior with an all-black leather interior. Changes to the car include the installation of Eibach springs and a BN Pipes exhaust system which were carried out a year post the seller’s acquisition.

And if you’re wondering how I missed out on the wheels while stating the changes, you’re mistaken. Yes, those alloys come as standard and look identical to the Ferrari F40-rivalling Porsche 959 supercar. Unaware of this one-of-a-kind joint venture? The wheels are just the tip of the iceberg.

In a production run spanning less than two years with around 3,000 units getting manufactured, this RS2 Avant high-performance estate wagon proved to be the genesis of Audi’s RS division. Even though the brand with the four rings had four-wheel-drive expertise with its Quattro mechanism, Audi was further aided by its German counterpart, Porsche.

Reports state that although Porsche managed to make the 959, one of the most performance-oriented high-tech machines of its time, the funds weren’t exactly coming in. Hence, to balance out the books, the sports car brand decided to collaborate with Audi on the estate wagon. Why would a coupe specialist suddenly want to work on an estate wagon you ask? It didn’t want to strengthen its competitors by working on a body shape which they excel at. That would be like asking Lionel Messi to train the Real Madrid Youth Academy.

Hence, the inception of this Porsche-developed Audi RS2 Avant. Inputs from the sports car manufacturer extended from the identical alloy wheels to the engine compartment, the ride setup and even the brakes. Speaking of the brakes, the brake pads even had Porsche/Brembo branding on them!

Under the hood lies a 2.2-litre inline-five turbocharged mill by Audi. However, this engine was taken to the shop by Porsche where it installed a better turbocharger, better cooling, a new camshaft and a modified ECU which resulted in the car producing 311hp and 409Nm of torques. It came with a six-speed manual transmission as the sole option, sending power to all four wheels (read Quattro). When new, it could complete the 100kph sprint from standstill in just 4.8seconds. That’s faster than a 996-generation 911 Carrera’s time of 4.9 seconds!

Furthermore, the interior looks great with its well-maintained leather cockpit, those Recaro seats and splashes of carbon fibre on various panels. What the new owner will also enjoy is exclusivity as the car wasn’t sold to a plethora of countries except the European circle. So, the perfect sleeper machine then?

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  • I love the RS2 Avant so much, and want this one so badly.

      29 days ago
    • Ohh damn!

      It'll be hard to buy off this from the new owner, but one can always try 😛

        29 days ago
  • So so many wants. Just like the one here. Tell Santa.

      29 days ago
  • What a badass ride. Ahead of its time!

      29 days ago
    • Yup! Plus, it's hard to find collaborations like this where they share a lot more than just infotainment systems and buttons with each other

        29 days ago
    • Yes I thought an owner swapped the wheels at first glance. Nice article I never really knew these existed.

        28 days ago
  • 😍

      29 days ago
    • Ohhh, Mr O'Conner, being an import fan yourself, this must be right up your alley

        29 days ago
  • It's amazing!!

      30 days ago