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Is this Swift swift enough for you?

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Back in the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, we saw many many Suzuki Swifts, part of the reason of course, is because it's the hottest new car in Japan currently; and part of the reason, is because this Swift isn't what you call - Swift.

The normal Swift Sport has a 1.4 inline-four engine, producing 140bhp going through the front wheels. There's also a slick six-speed gearbox, but it's just not punchy enough...

Credit: https://www.y-yokohama.com/product/tire/special/matchinggallery/00430/

This Swift tuned by HKS, however, is on a whole another level of fast. The engine isn't that much more powerful, with a new intake, exhaust, new turbo from HKS, the car now makes 163hp and 27.8kgm.

Credit: https://www.y-yokohama.com/product/tire/special/matchinggallery/00430/

The wheels and tyres are also something special: white 18x11J Advan Racing GT wrapped around in 295/35R18 on all four corners. HKS has also fitted some their state-of-the-art coilovers to make sure the car won't move around while cornering.

Credit: HKS' Instagram

The whole bodykit you see on the car is entirely made from carbon fibre. The front bumper, the wide wheel arches, the wing even, are hand made by craftsmen from HKS.

Credit: https://www.y-yokohama.com/product/tire/special/matchinggallery/00430/

All these lightweight parts are put on the car for one sole purpose: to set a lap time round Tsukuba that's faster than any other front-wheel-drive cars ever. The Swift is in fact called TRB-04, which stands for Tsukuba Record Breaker No.4, that just shows you their determination.

Credit: HKS' Instagram

Ever since they've unveiled the car at Auto Salon earlier in the year, they've taken the car back to the factory, and stripped it completely, including all of the seats, and fitted one single seat in the middle, much like the McLaren F1.

Credit: HKS' Instagram

In fact, to prepare for the big Time Attack that happens every year in the winter, they've went to set the car up on 1st November, 2018. Doesn't it look beautiful after the wrap has come off and the exhaust now comes out of the front bumper?

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Credit: Taniguchi Nobuteru's Instagram

The driver of the TRB-04 - Taniguchi Nobuteru has filmed the walkaround of the Swift, watch the video up there. In fact, HKS has done a lap earlier in the year, and it's 1:06, which is considered rather slow for a front-wheel-drive car round Tsukuba. Maybe after some weight shedding, it'd be much faster.

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