Is this the automotive factory of the future?

1w ago


EVs are attention seekers. I believe it got us so engrossed in discussing and arguing about them that we forgot one prominent thing: their factories. A new propulsion system needs a whole new facility for it to be manufactured and Porsche is officially ready with their own.

Touted as the ‘factory of the future’, this new facility has been built for the production of Porsche’s all-electric performance car, the Taycan. Speaking on their latest plant, Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG said, “Production of the Taycan is carbon-neutral. Heritage meets the future at our parent plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, which is the heart of the brand.”

Porsche Taycan

It implies that the factory will be using electricity generated by renewable resources with heat being produced via biogas. Inside, the logistical vehicles will be electric, the waste heat created in the paint shop is said to be reused and the roof is said to get the green treatment (which essentially means vegetation being grown on top of the roof).

The traditional conveyor belts make way for automated guided vehicle systems to transport various components from station to station. All this accumulates for the factory to be described as - flexible, networked and using 4.0 production technology while having no negative impact on the environment, according to Porsche. Finally a befitting factory for the production of a zero-emissions vehicle.

The German sports car manufacturer claims that the production of their latest all-electric product will see 1,500 jobs being created at the Zuffenhausen site which is said to have been built in less than 48 months. This facility consists of a contribution of 700 million euros out of a total of six billion euros kept aside by Porsche, to invest in electromobility over the next three years.

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