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Is this the best compact sports sedan money can buy?

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I have always been a fan of the Golf GTI and Polo GTI, basically any performance hatchback from Volkswagen but what they have done here has really grabbed my attention.

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Unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show is the all new VW Jetta GLI and is one of the very few compact sports sedans I actually like… or maybe love. GLI stands for Grand Luxury Injection which sounds very la-di-da but luckily, we just read it as GLI.

With the Mk7 Golf and soon Mk8 stealing all the limelight, the Jetta has been neglected. Now however, I think the tables could be turning. The looks of this thing are phenomenal. It looks aggressive yet usable. I am really taken by this, especially in that grey colour. This is very odd as I have never been a fan of sedans but I think all that is about to change.

The GLI uses the Golf GTI’s 2.0L turbocharged in-line 4 engine which produces 228 horsepower and an impressive 258 lb-ft of torque. As well as this, the GLI has been fitted with the front brakes from the Golf R, this should allow for some impressive performance. You can opt for either a 6 speed manual or the excellent seven speed DSG gearbox. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with the DSG.

Obviously, the inside is fairly similar to that of a MK7 Golf GTI which is excellent and one of the nicest, affordable interiors money can buy. From the materials to the tech, the inside of a Mk7 Golf GTI will always be up there for me.

If you were impressed by all that, the Jetta GLI is set to have a starting cost of around $20,000 which isn’t bad at all considering what you are getting. It is due to hit the dealerships this Spring, so get your wallets ready.

There are however, rumours of a Jetta R coming to the market. Motor Trend spoke with Derrick Hatami, Volkswagen America’s Vice President of sales and marketing and he said “Never say never” when discussing the possibility of a Jetta R. I personally think a Jetta R is too much and am happy with just the GLI, but VW gotta do what they gotta do…

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Unfortunately for us Brits, the Jetta won’t be available to us but leaves us the perfect excuse to take a visit to the States.

Do you want one as much as I do?