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Is this the best spec you can get the New Jaguar F-Type?

Tell me what your spec for the F-type is....

1y ago

Since, the new Jaguar F-type is here, I decided to spend some time to get to know it on the configurator. Due to being on the configurator I played about for a short period of time and after going through all the visual options on offer I arrive to this as the best spec you could get the new Jaguar F-type in.

...Sorrento Yellow would be unique..

I did not go for British Racing Green, even though it looks really good in that colour I chose Velocity Blue, I realised it looked good in other colours but, this really makes it stand out. The other option I would get for paint is Sorrento Yellow, doesn't look that good, but how often have you seen a Jaguar F-type in Yellow? The most popular colour I have seen the F-type is in White. This is how Yellow looks and then how it would look with the black wheels.

In the end, I went with the Velocity Blue with the panoramic roof, without the optional of the fixed boot lid spoiler the Diamond tuned 10 spoke wheels and then chose the interior - Red, I thought the contrast would be nice. But, I could not resist a bit a carbon fibre and selected that for the centre console. The common part of the Exterior and Interior is the Black pack, I have selected that for both. Some few finishing options and this is how I would spec my 2020 F-type.

That is the link to the configurator for the F-Type, go there configure yours or tell me how would yours be? and before I forget

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