- Is this the upcoming 488 GTO? - Image from Motor.es

      Is This The Hardcore Ferrari 488 GTO?

      Leaked pictures could be the production model!

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      Ferrari are likely to give the 488 a GTO badge, giving the model one last, hardcore hurrah before bringing in something new. The model is due to be revealed next year, with production going into 2019, but Motor.es have now got hold of some images of what looks to be the more hardcore model, way ahead of it's official release.

      The 488 GTO breaking cover! - Image from Motor.Es

      The 488 GTO breaking cover! - Image from Motor.Es

      Most of the images show what looks to be the 488 GTO under heavy camouflage, but one shows the car to be almost completely uncovered. The intakes on the front bumper are larger and power is expected to be increased to between 700BHP and 720BHP. The engine has been completely covered in all leaked images so far, so we can expect major changes in that compartment. There are no confirmations of where these pictures were taken, so we can only assume that they are being tested somewhere in Italy.

      Reports suggest that Ferrari have reduced the weight of the 488 too, bringing it down to 1,400KG. The Italian's have done this through thinning the glass of the windscreen and windows and removing the sound deadening material from the car. These specifications will set the 488 GTO in line with Porsche's 911 GT2 RS. The new car is expected to be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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