Is this the most beautiful Porsche 911 in existence?

2w ago

The Oxfordshire-based company, Theon Design have created what could possibly be the best looking 911 in the world.

Consider them the Singer of Britain and this is their latest creation: the HK002 Porsche 911

It has been designed and built for a client from Hong Kong and it has been finished to perfection. It has a lovely green exterior and green interior which somehow works so seamlessly.

It is rumoured to cost in the region of £300,000 which for something like this, is a lot but perfectly justifiable.

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Comments (26)

  • Is this god if he were a car? @tribe

      14 days ago
  • Ben the Theon car is magnificent but doesn’t it seem that with the enormous success of Singer that companies like this are coming out of the woodwork? Guntherwerks does 993, Singer,Theon the 964. Here’s a question we could explore: when do we see companies like this doing the 986 boxster 987 caymans then 996s?

      14 days ago
    • That’s a good point. I would love to see a nicely restomodded Cayman or Boxster. Maybe that will come further down the line after people have attacked the 996 and 997?

        14 days ago
  • Sry to say this-But I'm sorta developing a genuine dislike for Porsche for getting too much Overhyped

      13 days ago
  • NOPE

      13 days ago
  • Yes, there are many companies doing the same thing with this iconic car, but that is something to be embraced. Theon are as good as any of them. I’d also like to see other icons given the same treatment; imagine an equally re-imagined Saab 900 turbo or mk1 Vauxhall Astra GTE

      14 days ago