Is this the most ludicrous paintjob on a McLaren 720S?

And yes, that's Richie Rich on the door

1y ago

Spray painting on a car isn’t something new or radical. It has been happening for a while now, with the canvas ranging from affordable hatchbacks to high-performance supercars. But what about a spray painting your childhood board game characters on a bespoke McLaren?

As absurd as it sounds, but that is precisely what has happened with this $415,000 one-off 720S. This vibrant coloured supercar, made in collaboration between 1016 Industries and renowned street artist Alec Monopoly, was prepared in such a way to get presented at the Art Basel 2019.

And this wasn’t even a regular, off-the-rack McLaren. It was a McLaren 720S produced by 1016 Industries, pioneers in injecting even more performance in already souped-up supercars. This particular one came equipped with the company’s $65,000 carbon fibre bodywork involving a unique composite which is stronger yet lighter than conventional carbon-fibre. Other custom inclusions by the 1016 Industries comprised of race hood, side skirts, lower front lip, mirror cap, rear wing and rear diffuser.

Once the Miami-based specialist company executed its tricks, the baton was then passed on to Alec Monopoly to finish the job. The world-famous artist, whose spraypaints involving cultural icons like the Monopoly man and Richie Rich went viral in 2008, took this 720S to the streets of Miami to carry out his task.

This conventional pop culture paint job on this 715hp 720S features the iconic moustachioed, top-hatted Monopoly man holding up cash bags amid vibrantly coloured world currencies. Accompanying that is an illustration of Richie Rich who is said to point at Monopoly’s own ‘Alec’ signature logo, dripping down the car.

As an art car, I applaud it for the attempt. Carrying the similar ‘standard’ syndrome as James May, the asymmetry of icons and logos kept triggering my brain to run whitener ink on it. But then, who said art has to be standard or symmetrical?

Have you seen a more ludicrous paintjob?

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Comments (18)

  • Lol an “art car” this is not. Looks like something a 12 year old(or me) would create in forza.

      1 year ago
    • The inspiration for these signs surely looked to be coming from a 12-year-old

        1 year ago
  • It might look absurd to some, but I love it

      1 year ago
  • No. What happened to it? Some f****r has tagged it. There's better graffiti in the subway/under pass next to me.

      1 year ago
  • Now the car is worth £1,000

      1 year ago
  • Gold wrapping would be infinitely worse

      1 year ago