Is this the most off-road capable new Land Rover Defender in existence?

This project took over a year to build and it was worth the wait!

11w ago

The latest generation of Land Rover Defender is already one of the best off-road vehicles you can buy today, but what if you were to take it to the next level with a selection of advanced modifications?

The journey of making this ultimate Defender can be found on Instagram through the @newdefendermods account and the extent of the work which has taken place is mighty impressive.

As you can see, it has been through a complete overhaul and here are some of the things it's been fitted: a Land Rover roof rack, front recovery hook, underbody protection, flared fenders, a snorkel, and a ladder. There is also a set of custom 18-inch TuffAnts alloy wheels surrounded by massive 34-inch 295/70R18 BFGoodrich tyres.

It also features a two-inch lift kit, a new LED light bar and a custom exhaust system with dual three-inch tips to make it sound extra mean. Other interior items include a fridge and an 80-channel CB radio along with thich rubber mats to continue the rugged theme.

This is where the modifications end as nothing has been done to the engine. It still has its original Defender 110 P400 3.0L turbocharged six-cylinder mild-hybrid which produces 395 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque. But, do you really need any more power than that?

We're very glad this project is finally finished as it is one we have been following for the past year. Well done @newdefendermods - we look forward to future content with this beast!

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Comments (18)

  • May I present

      2 months ago
    • Your offering to the weird awards? 😂

        2 months ago
    • It's called the excellent it's a machine Jeremy Clarkson built what was supposed to appeal to footballers who wanted a sporty suv so he mated a land rover defender chassis to a Mercedes 200sl so it's technically the ultimate offroad land...

      Read more
        2 months ago
  • that whole front end looks like its wearing a snorkel now with that bull bar and that antenna

      2 months ago
  • Nice. But let’s say if you are in the middle of nowhere... no one around.... the next signs of civilisation is miles and miles away.. would you trust this new defender.... or a factory new Toyota Land Cruiser?

      2 months ago
    • Hmmm, is it a first year one?

      Then no.

      After that, I’d trust it

        2 months ago
    • Based on reliability of modern landcruisers and hiluxs in australia the last few years,defender all the way, for a start your alternator wont die if you go through muddy water due to it being located at axle level.

        2 months ago
  • Defenders need to be on steelies!

      2 months ago
  • Looks good but the standard one is also good

      2 months ago