Is this the most pampered Bentley in the world?

      3y ago


      - Photo: Fiona Easterby

      They fill the radiator with mineral water and kiss the car goodnight but these 2 crazy dutch guys also drove their 1931, 8 litre, Bentley the length of Japan and didn't hold back on the track sections! Seen here at New Kyowa circuit, Japan. Pampered? No, just adored and driven in a style befitting such a glorious work of motoring art. #bentley #vintagebentley #bentleyboys #classicbentley #vintagecars #classiccars #japan #vintageracecars #travelbug #classiccarrally #regularityrally #endurancerally #worldrallies #rallyround #samuraichallengerally

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      • Etorre wasn't far wrong. But if that's a lorry- I want a HGV licence.

          3 years ago


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