I​s this the new Civic Type R?

A​ 4WD Hybrid or maybe a FWD one with a manual?

7w ago

T​he current Civic Type R is one of the best cars you can buy today. 320 HP, manual gearbox… that’s something quite rare nowadays. And of course, with the presentation of the new Civic we all hope that the Type R will stay exactly like that: a pure drivers car. Today there’s new info of the coming Civic Type R.

S​o, what should we expect from it? Well, there are two rumours how it’s gonna be: a 2.0 Turbo or a hybrid.

S​o let‘s take a look at the first one: a 2.0 Turbocharged petrol engine. I believe this to be the dream of every carguy. We would get one with propably around 350 HP, FWD and with a manual gearbox. That way, it would stay an absolute drivers car. It would be a true Succesor to every Civic Type R. But there’s still this problem with emission stuff and Honda said That they want to electrify every of their cars in Europe in 2025, and the new Type R will be available most likely from 2023.

W​hich leads us directly to the second option, the hybrid. It would come then with around 400HP and 4WD. The petrol engine would power the front wheels and the electric ones the rear wheels. It would come that way with an automatic gearbox. That way it could be faster on a straight line and the Civic could compete with cars like the Mercedes A45 AMG or Audi RS3. What makes this option very realistic is the fact, that the base Civic will be hybrid only.

A​ll we can say about it now is, that the design will stay aggressive. It will still have a big rear wing and some big air filters and grill. The Civic will also go further and further away from its roots as a hatchback and will become more and more a small saloon. A concept model was already spotted:

C​arwow already made a render how the new Type R could look like, and I would love it if it will look like that. It looks more like a classic JDM from the 90’s, which gives it a cool character. The 3 exhaust pipes and the big rear wing also give the Civic a bit of ridiculousness, something that sporty JDMs always had. The front is softer then the one of the current model, but still has a cool aggressive tone. In my opinion it looks like a true JDM car.

M​y opinion on it is simple! Cool! Of course i prefer the manual over the Hybrid, but either way that’s gonna be an awesome car. If that’s how the Civic is going to be, then it’s one of the best cars you’ll be able to buy.

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  • I don’t really like that. Prefer the current one

      1 month ago