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Since it was unveiled, Aston Martin has always shied away from questions surround their Valkyrie hypercar's engine outputs. However, engine supplier Cosworth has now revealed that the high-tech motor powering the Valkyrie will produce a staggering 745kw and 740nm! This would make it the most powerful naturally aspirated road car ever made. A 12-into-1 exhaust system and an 11,000rpm redline mimics the aural symphony of a 90s V12 F1 car, and makes it arguably the best sounding out of all the hypercars. Remember, this is only the combustion engine – the Valkyrie still makes use of an electric power boost which will see power increased further. Aston Martin has not disclosed these figures yet, however a deleted tweet from Cosworth a few months back suggested total output will be 843kw. Aston Martin has previously confirmed that the car will have a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, and according to Aston Martin bossman Andy Palmer, the Valkyrie that's been co-developed with Red Bull Racing F1 Team will eventually be able to lap the Silverstone racing circuit "as fast as an F1 car." No prices have been revealed yet for the car that will be built in a production run of just 175 units (150 road cars, along with 25 race-only versions dubbed the Aston Martin Valkyrie AMR Pro), but a figure of somewhere ZAR 55 million each road car is being suggested, and first deliveries are expected to commence in 2019, and three apparently set to reach South Africa. The Aston is taking the fight to the Mercedes-AMG One and could possibly win that duel. The Valkyrie, originally codenamed 001, is the first of three hypercars to be built by Aston Martin, with the Valkyrie AMR Pro (002) and the upcoming mid-engined hypercar Project ‘003’ set to be launched in late 2021.

What does it sound like though? Listen to this… #TunedAutomotive #AutoAdvisor

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