- He says its the best driver's car ever made. is it?

Is this the pinnacle of driving excellence

Gordon Murry father of the Mclaren F1 one of the greatest car ever made has presented his new venture to the world. The all-new GMA T.50

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this is a new sports car from the manufacturer it is the brainchild of Gordon Murry the man behind the legendary F1 that bought a new meaning to the car in a sense. and introduced the concept of hypercar to the auto industry. it was a one-row three seater with the driver being in the middle sounds radical isn't it. the man dreamed of a mid driving position supercar from his childhood and brought it to life. it had a BMW derived 6.1l V12 putting down 618hp and 650Nm to the rear wheels. it had many first-ever production car features which made it way ahead of its time it had carbon fibre reinforced polymer monocoque chassis structure. which was unheard of at the time it was f1 racing tech for the road it even had a gold lined engine bay to deflect heat due the golds superior heat dissipating characteristics. it used many lightweight materials in its suspension and unsprung components it had a simple exterior design which was delt by Peter Stevens. it was the fastest production car clocking 231 mph (372 km/h) at the time and kept the record until 2018. the great thing was that it was built by a handful of passionate guys. many believe it is the best analog supercar ever made. the value is appreciating day by day and can fetch millions in the second-hand market. but not many come up for sale because of the value and collectibility. but many still dream of owning one.

GMA T.50

He picks up where he left off the new in house brand GMA (Gordon Murry Automotive) has been working on the T.50 to make it the best possible driver's car that will be ever made. the aim of the game is to keep it simple and give it all the necessary things and some interesting things that make it stand out. it's got a Cosworth developed 4.0l V12 revving up to 12000rpm to produce 654 hp 467Nm torque assisted with a hybrid system and eargasmic soundtrack to match am sure. and its a manual can you believe that in the age of dual-clutch and 10speed... it's simple back to basics car with a simple design that is inspired by the OG F1 simple elegant lines no sharp angles and no huge wing for visual drama and flair. its got a pair of active aero flaps that deploy depending on the speed. and it implies an electric fan centrally located that sucks the car on to the road and aids in aerodynamics and stability. it gets away without having to have a huge wing like other rear wheel drive supercars for downforce.

It's a simple car that promises the best ever driving experience and feel. it could very well represent the best tool to enjoy the pleasure of driving. is it the no-nonsense car without complicated electronic wizardry to make you feel like a driving machine or is it really just a very well balanced car that you get in twirl on to the wheel and fun. it seems like it is.. because it's not from a multi billion dollar mainstream manufacturers it's built by Gordon murry and a small team who built it from the ground up with passion and at most attention to detail.

Race cars are neither beautiful nor ugly. They become beautiful when they win.

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This car is like a breath of fresh air in the age where hypercars are turning all-electric, hybrids or use forced induction to produce astronomical power figures. while every other car makers are using every trick in the book to get on the top of the leader board this cars tries to cater to a true motorhead with the basics and gets it right. this could very well be the car of the century in many ways then one.do check out the video on drivetribe youtube channel the man himself talks about it.

GMA plans to build 100 of these supercars and costs 2.5 million pounds. if you are fortunate enough to buy one hurry up they are up for pre-order am sure you'll never regret having it in your garage.

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gma t.50 a car built for driver's

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