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I​s This The Ultimate Daily Driver?

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N​ow, before everyone in the comments section starts bashing me with the end of their fuel filler caps just answer me this question.

W​hat makes a good daily driver?

Well to begin with we need a car which is comfortable and safe,


T​he Tesla Model 3 is one of the safest cars on the road, it manages to beat the Volvo S60 and pretty much any other car in the world short of the Tesla Model S. Not to mention that the seats although quite basic are immensely comfortable and endlessly adjustable, something which makes for a very pleasant driving experience. The cabin is also nicely designed with a massive glass roof and a minimalist interior.

T​he Model 3 is also a decently small car making it easy to park and drive around large cities in which large vehicles often times have difficulties.

H​ighway driving

N​ow this is really the Model 3's strong suit because while many cars can be a chore to drive for hours on end the Tesla isn't. For one simple reason...


T​he damn car drives itself. It can steer do lane changes and go on and off highway on ramps based on the destination you plugged into the massive touchscreen.

T​his is the most relaxing car in the world because you don't even have to do anything, you just sit there. Not to mention that the car is capable of full autonomy, but is being temporarily blocked by government legislation. However, once Donald Trump and Borris Johnson get off their collective asses your Model 3 will bing with a software update, and you will have a self-driving car. Not to mention that the car can go 310 miles in one charge and get juiced up in less than 40 minutes.

T​he funny stuff!

N​ow say you were to "hop" into a new BMW 3 series you wouldn't expect any comedy or drama. You would see a nice sensible little car with a no-nonsense German attitude.

H​owever, if you were to get into a Model 3 you would find quite a lot of funny jokes. Because, in a Model 3 there is a drop down menu with several interesting items. You could place a virtual Whoopie cushion underneath your passenger's seat so that when they get in it would sound as though they farted. Or you could activate the Attari console which allows you to play games on your massive touchscreen.

H​ere's a full list of them all: www.hotcars.com/clever-easter-eggs-in-tesla-cars-people-dont-know-about/


A​nd there's a fast one!


N​ow if you were to pay Tesla a little bit of money they could give the standard Model 3 a bit of gin, and make it an absolute animal. Because this dual motor AWD monster can go 0-60 in 3.1 seconds has a drifty no traction control track mode, and corners like nothing else on the road. It feels planted because of its low center of gravity, and has stability and security well above that of a BMW M3.

T​he price

W​ell here is where it gets interesting, because your bog standard Model 3 starts at $39,000. However, because it's electric the government will give you $5,000 back and you will save money on gas.

However, if you were to get the all singing all dancing everything on it performance Model 3, you would have to shell out $64,000 before any other government rebates or gas savings. And that is a pretty good deal, because the next fastest saloon car costs hundreds of thousands of dollars, and a similar M3 is about $66,000 without any options.


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