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If money was no object, forget your Mclaren Senna, you want this instead

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Today in the car industry if you wanted to buy a track car you have 2 types of track cars. The first is to buy something that is tracked tuned like a Porsche 911 GT3 RS or an BAC mono or an Ariel Atom that is road legal but with varying price ranges from the cheaper side like the Caterham 620r to the more expensive side like Radicals.

And the alternative is to spend even more money then all of the cars I mentioned above combined and end up with something like a Ferrari FXXk or an Aston Martin Vulcan, a car that is designed specifically to attack the track only and nothing else, not go on the road ever and go to the track via a trailer and a truck. The problems with most cars of this type is that they cost a small fortune, with the price always ending with Million(Euros, Pounds or US dollars).

If you are interested in cars of that 2nd category and you are considering and able to get one, let me stop you and introduce you to something that is probably not only faster, but probably cooler and more exclusive and best of all, able to go and buy one now, somewhat...ish... I am obviously talking about a GT3 car, not the Porsche 911 GT3(although there is a GT3 race version of that) but an actual GT3 race car. Here is why you should consider one over a modern hypercar.

The variety of cars you can choose is very plentiful

The first reason why I think a GT3 car should be considered over a track hypercar is the variety, in GT3 there are so many cars and manufacturers to choose from. From supercar makers like Ferrari, Lamborghini and Mclaren to luxury and normal car makers like BMW, Porsche and even companies like Lexus, Nissan and Bentley. The amount of variety makes GT3 series look the most interesting even if most of the cars used are German(mostly Mercs and Audis) and Italian. Just take a look below.

Its a full race car

In any track car they will probably say that it has certain parts from race cars or having race car designed parts. But in a GT3 car its a literal race car, so that means there is no need for it to comply to road regulations like pedestrian safety standards and emissions regulations. This means that the car can be made just for racing regulations or developed for setting fast af track times.

You can race it

Unlike a Vulcan or an FXXK, a GT3 car can be raced in a variety of racing series, from the Blancpain series in Europe to Asia, to IMSA and Pirelli world challenge. The cars can also be raced for different periods of time like 2, 6, 12 and even 24 hours at tracks like Spa and the Nurburgring. Of course I am aware that this can increase the price of the GT3 car compared to the Vulcan or the P1 GTR as you will have to end up ordering trucks of spare parts and hiring a race team.

The price

The main reason I think a Gt3 car is worth considering is because they are much less expensive then a Vulcan or a FXX(I was gonna say cheap but the price is not very appropriate). For comparison a Ferrari FXXK is $2.6M, while a Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO is around $600,000(its one of the more expensive GT3 cars). Now I am not saying that the 488 is a cheap car because its not, but what I am saying is that for what you get and what you pay, it suddenly seems like a good deal. And if you ask about track time comparison, I am really not sure as I cannot find time comparisons between one of these types of cars(I just got a video idea).

Thanks for reading

After reading all of that what do you think? Would you get a GT3 car over one of these million dollar hypercars? Let me know by voting below or in the comments and thanks for reading :)

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