Is this the wackiest Toyota Camry ever?

2w ago


So I spotted this 2003 Toyota Camry XV30 Limousine in Gorakhpur but the plates said that it was from Lucknow. When I checked the registration, I was confirmed that it was a 2003 car from Lucknow. Now I cannot imagine why someone would transform their Camry into a limousine. I mean they could have used a Lexus ES XV30 for this purpose but no, they went with this abomination. Down below, are two of my theories about the presence of this car in the city.

Original Theory:

This car is from 2003. At that time, Camry was a CBU car in India. And for your information, currently, the on-road price of Camry, which is a CKD unit is ₹42,94,000 ($60,300 or €53,200). That is extremely high, of course. That is the reason why no one buys them here. Now, think what the price would have been when it was a CBU unit imported from the USA! I’m sure it’d have been above ₹60,00,000 ($84,300 or €74,400) in 2019 if settled for the Indian Rupee inflation! Therefore, in conclusion, this guy bought a Toyota Camry for this price, and as if it weren’t stupid enough, he bought it to transform into a FREAKIN’ limousine! Could they not find a better car for this?

This theory was crazy enough so I have another theory made by my brother when I told him about this. What further this theory false is that making a limousine was banned in India in 1988.

Hey that is our 2013 Nissan Terrano XL Pure Drive dCI in the background. Nice cameo, ain't it? OwO

The better theory:

My conclusion: My brother is correct and this seems less retarded than the previous one.

This car belongs to someone called Mr. Rohit Bhasin (I checked the vehicle registration). He is currently the Managing Director of some ‘Cosmo Foundation’ in Lucknow, from where this car is registered. It is a metro city and capital of the state so it makes sense to rich people to live there. Further, Lucknow is just 278 km away from my city so it is possible it was driven up to here. This person must be rich as he is the MD of some company. Now, what makes sense is that this guy used to live in some other country (USA most probably) back in 2003 and he bought a Toyota Camry, then transformed it into a limo (I know it’s still a retarded act). He must have later shifted to India and along with himself, he brought his car here maybe because he loved it or it was too expensive to leave or something.

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