- A V12 style coffee machine made from 18CT gold! - Image from Espresso Veloce

Is This The World's Most Expensive Coffee Machine?!

1y ago


Meet the Superveloce Arum 18ct V12 coffee machine. A very elaborate machine made to look like a V12 engine, made from 18ct gold, aerospace-grade alloys and carbon fibre.

The Espresso Veloce 18CT Coffee Machine! - Image from Espresso Veloce

Believe it or not, this coffee machine will take the same capsules as your standard Nespresso coffee maker, the only difference is this once will set you back a cool £37,598! Don't worry though, the company also makes a V8 and V10 version, which are not made of gold!

Only 10 units have been made! - Image from Espresso Veloce

The company making the machines have made just 10 units and as of this moment, there are only 4 left!