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Is this what a modern-day Ferrari F50 would look like?

Should Ferrari revive this legendary model?

2w ago

The Ferrari F50 has gone down in history as being one of the brand's most desirable and spectacular road cars. Its smooth yet angry looks and its stonking-great 4.7-litre V12 engine are the perfect combination, but what if Ferrari made it again but in the 21st century?

Ugur Sahin Design based in the Netherlands have created something they call USD Project FENIX and it is essentially a modern-day Ferrari F50.

Their original mission was to set out and create "a homage for the legendary F50". This is no easy mission to pull off but we think they've done a stellar job. Before starting, it was crucial the design house got the intricate balance between old and new which is clearly represented in the FENIX's design.

Iconic elements such as the rear wing and the transparent engine bay cover were crucial elements in the design process. Another integral part of the F50's original design that they wanted to keep was its sweeping sideline integrated into the body in order to create a dynamic stance and bring together the rest of the styling cues.

At the front, we can find the continuation of said sideline which merges into the headlights encompassed by the air intakes, forming a functional yet appealing character for the car. At the rear, the design features minimalistic-looking rear lights, a dominant rear wing (like the original) and a set of quad exhaust tips.

If Ferrari ever did revive the F50, we hope it would look something like the USD Project FENIX by the Ugur Sahin Design house.

Do you like how it looks?

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Comments (51)

  • I want to see a modern version of the Testarossa

      20 days ago
  • If Ferrari is going to make a modern version of anything, it should be a throwback ‘60’s roadster with a small displacement V12 and a manual transmission.

      20 days ago
  • FAIL

      20 days ago
  • No seriously though that is literally one of the prettiest cars ever😃😵

    Not a good reboot of the F50 by any means but beyond that- oh my goodness

      20 days ago
  • Well…it’s prettier than the original which was fugly

      19 days ago