- The gorgeous Maserati Millemiglia concept created by Luca Serafini

Is this what Maserati needs to revive its brand?

Luca Serafini is back at it with another jaw-dropping concept car. This time he shows us his vision of a single-seater Maserati called Millemiglia.

How did you start the new decade off? Kissing a loved one? Vomiting champagne with a hint of lobster? Sharing a moist cigar with your mates? Regardless of what you opted for, most of us can't call the decades inception "productive". That is unless you're called Luca Serafini. See, when most of us were busy rehydrating ourselves and trying to jump-start the few brain cells we managed to keep from the 2020 celebrations, this dedicated man was finalizing his vision of a Maserati concept. And dissimilar to the way most of us went into this decade, the Millemiglia concept car did it with grace. Here's the short but fantastic story of Luca Serafini's single-seater concept.

The Story

Between 2004 and 2006 Luca Serafini in his student years was involved in Formula Student events with the Unimore Modena racing team, aka Mad Modena Racers. Having petrol & engine oil running through his veins Luca would spend more time there than on his University courses. Driving around in numerous Alfas, spending time with mates and passionately celebrating after winning the 2006 World Cup, those were happy years, to say the least.

His involvement in the 4 open-wheel Formula SAE (Student Design Competition) would later mean that he would meet and work with a great metal craftsman called Mauro Bonaccini who through his impressive work would inspire Serafini. Using old school methods and techniques different project cars were designed and engineered at Carrozzeria Campana Maserati in Modena.

The Car

Taking inspiration from the Single halo seaters like the Maserati 250F and 6CM, Luca was looking to take a modern approach with his own "Modenese" perspective. Keeping the colour scheme looking classic yet Italian he finished the interior in sand beige.

"The MilleMiglia concept is a homage to the craftsmen I had the chance and pleasure to work with. My passion for car design grew on me thanks to their involvement. They should be inspiring examples for the next generations with their hard work and passion coming from the heart. They are part of our heritage." said Serafini.

The Verdict

Initially, it might be hard to place the Millemiglia as it's undoubtedly niche. But in this Day and Age were showing your personality through materialistic items is valued so high, a car like this which screams fun and stunning wouldn't do half bad. It's old news now that Ferrari and Maserati have decided to part ways, and that the Grand Turismo has received its send-off. So 2020 is the decade for Maserati to redefine themselves. We already know that they are rolling out the Grand Turismo replacement later this year, but what we don't know is if they are going to expand their line-up. I would love to see the brand move in the Serafini direction and part take in a more niche line-up similar to Porsche with their 935 and McLaren with their Speedtail. And what better way to do so than making the Millemiglia concept a reality?

Tell me what you think of the new single-seater concept! Will it roam in the world of concept cars that function mostly as inspiration and art? Or does the Millemiglia stand a real chance at turning a few heads at Maserati HQ?

I want to end by urging you to read the full story of the Maserati Millemiglia concept and perhaps look further into the fantastic designs by Luca Serafini! Check him out!

Tell me what you think of the new single-seater concept! Will it roam in the world of concept cars that function mostly as inspiration and art? Or does the Millemiglia stand a real chance at turning a few heads at Maserati HQ?

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Comments (14)

  • Technically, Maserati's still alive. But, I must admit it's not in the best condition.

    That design is striking, and I must say they must produce a windowless version of the Alfieri coupe, like what Merc did with their SLR Stirling Moss. Let's just hope we still get the V8...

      1 year ago
    • Agree completely, I have to say that these topless cars like Stirling Moss, McLaren Speedtail and Ferrari Monza SP1 really do it for me. And yes I do pray for a petrol engine!

        1 year ago
  • Yeah!!!!! That looks sick!!!!!!!!! I love open top cars inspired by race cars of their past!

      1 year ago
  • Looks proper! Coupled with a proper powerplant, and Maserati's got a winner in my opinion.

      1 year ago
  • Lol I don't know anymore!

      1 year ago
  • Don't get me wrong though I love myself a Maserati

      1 year ago