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I​s this your ride?
  • No need for any luxury, space, or speed (or muffler). All I need is a small comfy ride just by myself to get me from point A to point B. This is Awesome! I can do wheelies and donuts all day!
  • O​k, I guess. I mean, I could use an air conditioning, a radio, and maybe some heated seats. But I do like the 360 view. Sort of like a mini go cart…
  • This is absolutely horrible​. I mean, extremely dangerous. Someone can easily hit you without even seeing you you will go flying and the crash will be fatal and most likely you will die. And only if you manage to survive by making it to point A to point B, even then you may have to refuel like what, 56 times?!? No point in this car.

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      9 months ago
  • The Peel Trident is cool. Paint it lime green and it looks like your driving George Jetsons car.

      9 months ago
  • Beautiful.

      9 months ago


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